Screamin’ Green Fertilizer – 3 Treatment (Yearly Plan)

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Key Features and Benefits - Organic matter - adds energy to soils that aids superior
nutrient uptake contains substances that build stronger cell
walls more resistant to drought and gently provides natural,
slow-release organic nutrients that feed plants gradually for a
fast green-up with lasting results.

  • 40% Quick Release Nutrients - for rapid green-up
  • 60% Slow Release and Organic Nutrients - for lasting results
  • 30% More Efficient than Any Other Brand
  • 60% Organic and Natural Fertilizer Ingredients
  • 40% Organic Matter
  • 16% Nitrogen - five sources, 60% Slow Release.
  • 2% Phosphorus - two natural sources and practices
  • 3 r’s - recycle, reduce, reuse
  • 3% Potassium - natural and safe source.

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