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With Clarus® technology a prescriptive system delivers results predictably and safely.

With a combination of techniques to learn how organic nutrients are embodied with in any particular natural source, we can predict signature patterns of release. This led to Clarus® ’ My Screamin’ Green,® product development and success with an efficiency that’s unsurpassed.


Let see what Steve Garvey has to say. . .

This stuff saved my Bermuda lawn. Before I used Screamin Green, no matter what I did last season, my dirt patches were getting bigger…and this was during last spring & summer’s growing season here in the desert (Phoenix). A landscaping store said a lot of landscapers were liking Screamin Green, so I tried it at the end of the summer season, and then I noticed a slight quick reversal before the winter dormancy kicked in. I did not overseed with ryegrass, so my grass for the winter was yellow, except where the dirt was, which was a lot.

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This season I started with the Screamin Green and my dirt spots were 80% gone after 2 months (as bermudagrass likes to expand horizontally), and now 2 months after that, they are 99% gone, with the remaining 1% mostly covered and thickening, as well. I was using 5 lbs per 1000sqft, and I noticed your website says 4 lbs. I was probably even heavier than the 5 lbs. One month I experimented with a double dose, nothing bad happened, and I even think the growth was extreme, although I didn’t measure.

I’ve included a before and after pic of one of my grass areas, which was probably the worst. I have 2 similar-sized grass sections in front and another section to the right of this pic that is twice this size. They all were experiencing this growing dirt problem (meaning disappearing grass), and I was ready to gravel it all in, but now all my grass looks like the “grass after pic” I’ve attached. This section of grass is approx 300 sqft.



Steve Garvey

Screamin’ Green Fertilizer – 10 lb. Bag

Years of university research have proven fertilizers containing organic nutrients are as reliable or better than traditional fertilizers but are not harmful to our water supplies. Clarus’® special formula, Screamin’ Green®, combines organic nutrients with the right amount of quick-release fertilizer so all your plants respond right away and stay healthy and green. Fertilizer containing organic matter has tremendous benefits over synthetic fertilizers.  


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