Lawn fertilizer delivered to your home


One of the beauties of having a lush green lawn is watching your family and pets enjoy it too! And you’ll be doing right by the environment. Over the years, a new appreciation for science-based solutions has led to our prescriptive and safe way to use fertilizer that puts you in control. At “My Screamin’ Green®“, we deliver to your door fertilizer for your lawn in the right amount at the right time.  This eliminates guesswork and gets proven results, and your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood.


The pros would have a term for the lushest of lawns – “Screamin’ Green”. My Screamin’ Green® LLC, capitalizes on the legacy of Nutrients PLUS® LLC, the company who demonstrated success with their flagship lawn fertilizer My Screamin’ Green® for professionals. The entire Clarus® brand line was shown in a long-term study to perform as well or better than leading brands but without harming our fragile environment.

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Clarus® is the Clear Choice

When shopping for fertilizer to give you that green, healthy lawn you desire, look for product ingredients containing valuable organic matter directly from nature. Years of university research have proven that fertilizers containing organic matter perform as well or better than traditional fertilizer, but are not harmful to our water supplies. Clarus® ’ special formula combines the right amount of organic matter with the right amount of quick-release fertilizer so your lawn turns green fast, and stays green.

Fertilizer containing organic matter has tremendous benefits over traditional synthetically-made fertilizers. Organic matter contains life-stimulating compounds that provide superior nutrient uptake to your lawn’s root system. And organic matter gently provides natural, slow-release nutrients, that feed your lawn’s roots gradually creating a deeper, stronger root system. You get the same rich greening benefits as 100% synthetic fertilizers but without the tendency for chemical runoff that ends up in our water supplies.

A Clear Choice for Clean Water.

Shallow Focus Photography of Green Grasses during Daytime
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