Organic Lawn Fertilizer

For nearly two decades a million of acres have been served with Nutrients PLUS® products, the maker of Clarus®. Now homeowners can be part of The Clarus® Story. My Screamin’ Green capitalizes on this legacy and the demonstrated success of Clarus® to write another chapter in fertilizer with organic nutrients.

My Screamin’ Green
Nutrients PLUS® , based in Virginia Beach, VA, is unique to the fertilizer industry. Since inception, Nutrients PLUS® has led the fertilizer industry. It developed an innovative system, making it the largest recycler of natural ingredients possessing valuable organic matter in blends with traditional fertilizers. The revolutionary idea for curtailing chemical fertilizer use and improving water quality was borne out of are examination of the current supply chain being used to make and distribute fertilizers. As a result, a whole new approach emerged for enhancing efficiency with organic nutrients. Nutrients PLUS® created Clarus® products and are pin focused on protecting our most valuable human need—water.



Grass Treatment
Shallow Focus Photography of Green Grasses during Daytime
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